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SHE Companion Training

To ensure an organizations existence in a competitive environment, it is a business requirement to implement sound principles of corporate governance and social responsibility. Legal compliance is the first step towards implementing a successful Health and Safety Management System and forms part of the elementary requirements of OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 Standards.


Besides the above and the inflicted reputational risk to the company in not complying to the law, reviews and audits furthermore demonstrates that an organization values its people and their diversity and being a model corporate citizen by controlling its OH&S risks and improving its SHE performance.


The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHS Act) and its integrated standards have many legal requirements that workplaces need to comply with.


By empowering yourself with the competence of performing SHE audits in terms of the applicable OHS Act and Regulations, it ensures that you are pro-actively identifying non-compliances to the law which creates the basis of identifying critical gaps and to enforce a principle of continual improvement .


This course provides the competence and tools to conduct an internal OHS Act legal compliance audit ensuring to minimize potential contraventions including warnings, fines, penalties, notices, etc.


Purpose of the course:

• Learner will be able to perform, initiate remedial action, report on and follow up a workplace pre-use, safety and/or audit inspection by
   utilizing the provided software and document templates.
• The learner will be able to explain the legal and specific requirements pertaining to conducting these inspections / audits.

SHE Auditing Course Brochure

Download the SHE Auditing Course Brochure to view the purpose of the course, pre-requisites, course contents and course outcomes.


SHE Employer'sCompanion

Designed to assist the Employer to establish and maintain a SHE structure and system.

SHE Auditor'sCompanion

Designed to assist SHE Specialists to conduct detailed and in-depth SHE audits.


HAS-CON can assist your company to produce customized SHE Governance documents.